Friday, March 5, 2010

How to Get Around in Guatemala

Travel adventures in Guatemala. Hostel / Hotel recommendations, restaurants, markets and activities.


Ruben Travels - Best Transportation in Guatemala

Ruben's Transportation

When we travel in Guatemala with a group or as a family we call Ruben.  He is reliable, honest and he knows how to get around the country efficiently.

Ruben speaks English.  If you want to stop for lunch, he knows the best places where the food is both good and safe to eat.  If you need to stop at an ATM he knows where they all are.  Ruben has become part of our in-country support network.  One time when we had scheduled for Ruben to pick us up at the airport his van was unexpectedly in the shop.  Ruben hired another driver and van and came along personally to meet us. 

You can contact Ruben via email at:

Happy Trails!